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we are trained and certified accredited applicators for Stain-proof by DryTreat offering the best in class products.

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For more than two decades,, LLC has been serving residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Michigan in the natural stone industry, providing contracting and sealing services.

Our expertise lies in the cleaning, care, and sealing of various property exteriors and interiors, such as shower walls and floors, countertops,
backsplash tile and grout, pool coping, and historical restoration projects. Our primary objective at, LLC is to
safeguard our clients’ properties by making maintenance convenient and cost-effective for them.

Our Products


Alkaline Cleaner, formerly known as Oxy-Klenza™, is a powerful triple action, oxygen, alkaline and detergent boosted heavy duty cleaner for removal of general grime and stains caused by oil / grease, mold, leaf marks, food and beverages.


Stain Proof is the world leader in production of sealers for porous surfaces, including stone, tile, paving, concrete and grout. The chemistry of STAIN-PROOF’s impregnating sealers is unique, giving superior penetration and permanence, for unsurpassed protection.



We provide product or services to treat and protect the natural stone surfaces in and around your home or business.  We encourage you to look through our services to discover how we can meet your needs.

Countertop Sealing

Spills occur frequently in a typical home environment, and when a countertop is made of a porous material, such as marble, limestone, travertine, granite, quartzite and man-made quartz, they can cause significant damage. 

Pool Sealing

Sealing of pool decks and pool coping is vital to protect and preserve the structural integrity of the stone. Over time, stone tile or deck coating may degrade, leaving your deck susceptible to damage. 

Floor Sealing

It is crucial to recognize that natural stones like limestone, travertine, marble, or granite are porous materials. Stone floors can absorb food, oil, and beverage spills like a sponge if they are not sealed properly. 

Tile and Grout Sealing

Tile and grout are prone to accumulating dirt, bacteria, oils, and food residue if they are not properly sealed. We are your experts in recommending the best products to seal and protect your tile and grout from a variety of damage and potential staining.

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